Concrete Resurfacing – Driveways, verandas, walkways, outdoor space, patio

The driveway is your home’s welcome mat rolling out to meet you, your friends and neighbours. A good driveway improves the look of your home and increases its value. 

If your driveway is looking a little worse for wear you may have thought about relaying or repaving it what you may not have considered is resurfacing. Many homeowners don’t realise that ripping up your old driveway and starting again from scratch is not your only option. Far from it.

But how do you know if your driveway is suitable for resurfacing? It’s easy. 

If your driveway is bare grey concrete, sealed or painted concrete or stencilled, resurfaced or stamped concrete and if it has superficial cracks, that is cracking that doesn’t expand the width or length or your driveway or no major cracks then resurfacing right for you.

If you’re not sure what kind of driveway you have then that’s ok, we can arrange an at home assessment and provide a no obligation quote.

So, what is resurfacing and how does it work?

Well, it’s not as complicated as you might think. At Performance Painting every resurfacing job involves five basic steps.

  • Preparation including superficial crack repair and cleaning
  • Priming the surface
  • Applying the base coat
  • Applying the textured coats
  • Sealing the surface.

It’s not too different to painting your home actually

Preparation is all about creating an even surface. We might grind off any existing resurfacing or paint and if cracks are present, fill with an epoxy and grind off the excess. Grinding can create a bit of dust and residue, so we clean the surface with an acid solution in preparation for the base coat.

Prep 1

Before the surface is ready for a base coat, we apply a primer.

Prep 2

We then prepare and apply a thick base compound of about 3mm over the concrete and screed it level.

Prep 3

The next step is to spray the textured coat of a resurfacing compound. Either a single colour or with an additional colour to form a flecked appearance for added dimension.

Prep 4

Finally, we seal the surface with two coats of Dulux Avista sealer

Prep 5

And if you’re interested in a stencilled finish on your drive, we simply add a couple of steps between the base coat and sealing.


How long does it take?

Each project is different of course but for a simple job allow two days. For a more complex job, probable three days.

As far as cost it depends on the project, but as a guide allow between $55 – $85 per square meter. Keeping in mind this may vary depending on the preparation and your chosen finish.

So it’s still a lot less cost and less hassle than doing a complete driveway rip up and relay.

Once the job is completed, depending on the weather, it just needs to dry and cure. But you’ll be walking on your driveway the next day and driving on it in about 5 days.

Driveway 4 a
Driveway 4

Resurfacing is faster, easier and less expensive than new concrete of pavers and there is a colour and finish to suit all styles of home.

Driveway 1
Driveway 1 finished

Performance Painting offer an amazing range of modern concrete resurfacing options to transform your home without breaking the budget and the driveway. We really are the resurfacing experts.

Driveway 2
Driveway 3 finished

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