Transforming Spaces with Vibrant Joy – Your colour design in your home or business is both exciting and important.

Keeping with the current trends is one thing but some colours last and others can out date very quickly. With the investment professional painting services, it would be unfortunate to do it all again too soon. To assist you in your decision, we provide our clients with a free one-hour expert Hobart colour consultant valued at $189. You qualify for this once you decide to engage us for your project.

So, do we go dark? Do we go light? Have a feature wall or feature room. How about wallpaper? How about some special effects.

All these questions can be answered so you can get on with planning for your project.

Our professional Hobart colour consultant will meet with you and send a report with suggestions for a colour plan.

Thoughts on design and recommendations and advice for example, can include but not limited to manchester, window furnishings, floor coverings and lighting. Maybe some cushions for the bed. How about change that hallway door for a glazed one to let more light in. Or have you ever thought of having a bit of a clean out or de-clutter to open up your space a little.

The consultation is a delightful experience and arrangements are made to suit you.  Not pushy or pretentious and willing to listen to your thoughts and ideas. Or perhaps you just don’t have any ideas.

They have wonderful vision to see the end design of the project, at times even we, Performance Painting, have difficulty in the end vision of the plan. But as it all comes together, we share in the “ohh” moment with great admiration.

We have many past clients that utilised this service with great success and enjoyed the experience.  So why choose us?

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