What Does it Cost?

How much does it cost to paint a house by Performance Painting and Why?

For most of us our home is the most important investment we’ll ever make. So, taking care of that investment whether for short term, (resell at a later date) or long term, (your forever home) will be on going and can be expensive, especially when not done well, (to save money), then needing to do it again.

Painting the exterior of your home for example, to increase your street appeal or maintenance due to the existing paint failing and wearing away, you may find yourself spending more than you originally anticipated.

90% of the residential and commercial painting carry out externally is purely for maintenance. After all, paint is a protective coating. Then we humans like add some different colours to express ourselves. As we do with the clothes we wear or food, (we eat with our eyes first), and the cars we drive.

Being a part of Dulux Accredited Painters group, we are selected and guided by a strict professional criterion. We are leaders in the Hobart and Tasmanian painting industry and demonstrate daily, a high level of workmanship, professionalism, customer service, (my favourite), and reliability.

“Painting is the easy part”

As an example. Seven days out of a 10-day weatherboard repaint in on a residential exterior project around greater Hobart is dedicated to preparation. Dulux offer a 40yr guarantee, (conditionally of course) and we provide a five-year workmanship warranty. In order to do this, it must be done right.

The systems and processes our team have formulated are trusted and proven successful because many years ago our company made a basic decision. We decided it would be easier to explain price one time. Than it would be to apologise for quality forever.

I bet you’re glad we made that decision.

Why do quotes vary so much in price?

Considerations when engaging with a professional painter in and around Hobart.

Very high

  • What is the season or time of year? If its leading up to Christmas, you really need to plan ahead. Some may take advantage of the “Silly” season and inflate prices.
  • Very large business’ have very large overheads. i.e. insurance, wages.
  • Who is coming to paint your house?

Very Low

  • Do they guarantee their work? By a handshake or a document.
  • Are they fully insured? If they are injured on your property you are potentially liable if they don’t have their own cover.
  • Have you checked their reviews? Do they have any?
  • Are they professional painters? How did they present themselves? Did you see their vehicle?
  • Was the quote detailed? Do you know exactly what they propose to do, how they are going to do it and what paint are they using?


  • Still always a good idea to back check reviews, ask around on your favourite socials for feedback. How are the details on the quote etc. What are your expectations?

The Numbers

Several factors come into play. So obviously a larger home will cost more to paint than a smaller one.

The extent of the preparation is a big one. How bad is the existing finish? Is it all sides and areas? How many windows? Do you need scaffolding? Detailing, heritage or Victorian style

Based on a full exterior repaint – Walls, windows and doors, eaves and fascia

Style of House Approximate Cost
Californian bungalow with brick veneer or render $6000 – $14000
Small weatherboard home in reasonable condition $9000 – $16000
Small Victorian style $15000 – $20000
Large 2 storey weatherboard $15000 upwards depending on condition/access

*These are prices for smaller single storey homes in the greater Hobart area and are to be used as a guide only.

For Interior repainting, again it comes down to preparation requirements once again.

Are there many plaster repairs? There are many lath and plaster homes in and around Hobart and cracking is a familiar sight. Water damage, smoke damage.

Does furniture need moving? Is the house empty?

Rooms Rooms
Large rooms walls only
Lounge, kitchen/dining, rumpus
$600 – $750
Paint and materials supplied – 2 coats
Large room ceilings
Lounge, kitchen/dining, rumpus
$500– $800
Paint and materials supplied – 2 coats
Medium room walls only
Bedroom, bathroom and toilet, laundry, kitchen, home office
$600 – $800
Paint and materials supplied – 2 coats
Medium room ceilings
$350 – $400 Paint and materials supplied – 2 coats
Bathroom, wardrobe, hallway, ensuite walls only
$400 – $800
Paint and materials supplied – 2 coats
Bathroom, hallway, ensuite ceilings
$400 – $800
Paint and materials supplied – 2 coats
Doors only
Door with architrave
Standard timber window frames
$100 – $150
Sash window
$200 – $250

These are prices for single storey homes in reasonably good condition.

*All Wall Surfaces are figured for 2.4m high ceilings. If you have 12′ high or 3.6m ceilings, then and additional 25% should be considered.

It’s not only what we do but how we do it for you.

Be comfortable in knowing we guarantee our works.

Trusting that you get what you pay for, We believe the application of Dulux paints are the best going around.

Your value in us is how our systems and processes can make solving your problems a faster/easier/smoother process.

One of our best marketing tools is the way we do things not simply what we do.

We don’t skimp or lower our standards for any works.

We approach all projects with the same objective and that is to do it right…..and we love to paint !

The prices include moving furniture, protecting the furniture with plastic and the floors with drop sheets. some basic patching and caulking, removing the dust with a vacuum.

All furniture will be moved back, floors vacuumed, selected items wiped down if needed and any final touch ups completed. Typically a $400-500 of paint and materials for trim and doors will be enough for several medium sized rooms.

We set up our ‘Paintshop’. This is a designated space for our plant equipment, tools and materials. Inside or outside.

Update you on progress, next day plans any surprises that pop up. To keep you involved with the experience.

This is your home. We are temporary day guests with a mission to ensure you love where you live.